Interview with YHP UK

Can you give us some background information about yourself?

I’m an entrepreneur, dreamer and dad. As the CEO and a co-founder of adeven I oversee the business and its development. We are still growing so I have the opportunity work with my team on all of our key projects and partnerships (apart from the technical side).

My background is in mobile advertising and I’ve been involved in the digital area for major media companies for over 12 years.

This includes working in the management team at madvertise, who are one of the largest mobile ad networks in Europe. I was also the Head of Commercial at MTV Networks for a few years and was responsible for the partner portfolio at InteractiveMedia.

I studied business administration at the European University Viadrina and the Bergakademie Freiberg and Communication at the Institute for Marketing and Communication in Berlin. It was an exciting time for me as it was during my studies that I founded my first company, which later became the most successful city magazine in East Brandenburg. This was my first taste of the excitement and the hard work that comes with a startup. founders

Tell me how you initially get into business?

Some people are satisfied with mediocre jobs, above average income and low job satisfaction. I used to have well paid jobs in huge cooperations. This is ok for people who are trying to climb the corporate ladder, but I am not one of them.

I get a thrill out of working hard, working smart and seeing my ideas become a reality. There is nothing better than realizing your dreams and knowing that you have built a successful company. It is even better if you can achieve this with like-minded, motivated people.

How did the idea for adeven start?

The mobile advertising industry was in a bit of a mess a year ago (given the young age) and we wanted to help move the industry forward. Yes, there are companies who do analytics, but no one who provides a holistic approach to the ecosystem from both an advertising and developer perspective. The whole scene was a little bit blurry or dark and we turned the lights on.

We saw an opportunity to provide technically advanced ad analytics and verification products and services for the mobile industry that simply were missing before.

We founded adeven in April 2012 in Berlin and within the first six months we had secured investor support, launched our free online apptrace tool, successfully launched our analyzer product, and opened our London office.

Understanding the app ecosystem and the advertiser’s perspective gives us a unique advantage.

Tell me about the early days, what was the hardest part of starting the business?

Everyone has dreams – some are larger others smaller. I am ambitious and have huge dreams. It took a while for my dream to crystallise before I knew exactly what company I wanted to create and how I was going to do it.

Many people don’t want to work in startups, let alone actually build one, as it is the hardest thing that you can do. No one knows your new business, perhaps the market is not matured or defined and you will be always at work.

There is an immense time and financial pressure to achieve things, and quickly. Established businesses have the luxury of achieving something in six months that a startup must achieve in four weeks – and with at least 10 projects in parallel.

The working hours can be a killer. From 9 am to almost midnight. Literally 24/7 in the battle against time to reach all the small but essential milestones as quickly as possible.

Fortunately two other co-founders, Paul H. Müller and Manuel Kniep worked along side me to get the company quickly up off the ground.

Our biggest challenge was to find talented and passionate people – we have great people working here now and look forward to growing even more in the very near future.

Because our company is operating at the forefront of technology, we spend a lot of time in training up our team on very specific technology.

I am very proud of the fact that we opened our London office within six months of founding adeven in Berlin.


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