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Startups: The Three Stages To Building The Winning Team

As a company grows from a startup (less rules, flat hierarchies) to an enterprise company (bigger teams, international footprint) the challenge for every leader is to build a winning team every step of the way. To be the best company, to succeed, you need to keep your eye on the prize and put the success [...]
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Buckle-up: It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

When I decided to be an entrepreneur there was an immediate realization that I would also be leaving behind life, as I had known it. The comfort of a regular existence was behind me. Friends, family and former colleagues did not as much attention as I would have liked give them and those close to [...]
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Juggling Lives: Father, Husband, CEO, Not Superman

The following is the first in a series of insights where I hope to share my personal experiences, successes and failures as an entrepreneur. Juggling Lives: Father, Husband & CEO, Not Superman Many have spoken candidly on the juggling act that so many working fathers and mothers must perform everyday to balance a personal [...]
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Happy Birthday Adeven!

Join us today in celebrating adeven’s first birthday. In just one year adeven has grown into a robust mobile marketing analytics company with offices in Berlin and London. We’re proud to say we’re moving ahead in leaps and bounds. has become an essential business intelligence tool for app marketers, providing download tracking and post install [...]
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Interview with YHP UK

Can you give us some background information about yourself? I’m an entrepreneur, dreamer and dad. As the CEO and a co-founder of adeven I oversee the business and its development. We are still growing so I have the opportunity work with my team on all of our key projects and partnerships (apart from the technical side). My [...]
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About running a company

“As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours and cried.” — Ben Horowitz
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Baby, we are going international!

We recently launched our company adeven and also our first product, your one-stop-shop for mobile app tracking. Very exciting to see our baby get some coverage in the international press. I’m a very proud daddy. TECHCRUNCH: GIGIAOM VENTUREVILLAGE MOBILE MARKETING MAGAZINE
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Some opportunities only come once.

So oder ähnlich ging es mir am Ende des letzten Jahres. “Wenn du die richtigen Menschen mit den richtigen Skills triffst, dann warte nicht.” Träume groß. Richtig groß. Jeder Mensch hat Träume – manche sind größer andere kleiner. Und ich habe riesen Träume. Je älter ich werde, desto genauer werden meine Vorstellungen davon, wie ich mein Leben verbringen [...]
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Holy Shit – on the same page with Steve Jobs!

“The emerging trend among app developers is to market their apps as a surefire way to win customer loyalty for their brands” madvertise has grown from an exciting new German start-up to a thriving international operation,0,w
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Apple and the UDIDs

There has been some debate among developers on blogs and forums about the meaning of the word “deprecation”, but the majority seem to believe it signals a complete phase-out of the UDIDs. Or at least a phase-out of developer usage of the numbers, though Apple may still have access to them. Christian Henschel, director of partner [...]
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